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Cornelian-cherry dogwood (Cornus Mas) Plants

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Part Sun

Zones 4-8

Good early season nectar source for bees

may be planted as a hedge

Large shrub, shrub  up to 25' x 18' - may be pruned

fruit is 5/8 in long, elongated, cherry red, ripens June/July

pH 6.1-8.5 (neutral to alkaline) 

likes moist soil

shipped as 12-18" plant

Plants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PRPlants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PR 

The fruit of the Corneilian Cherry has been cultivated and eaten by people for 7000 years. Easy to grow, just weed and water the young plant, prune for good structure, and harvest in midsummer. Cherries are tart straight up but it is wonderful for making jams, sorbets, and other value-added products. Fruits are easily harvested simply by shaking the branches. Yield 30-50 lbs per plant.

Resistant to Dogwood Anthracnose. No pest problems have been observed. 

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