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Yellowhorn (Xanthoceras sorbifolium) Plants

$ 18.00


pH  5.5-8.5 neutral to basic


Sub Canopy/Shrub Layer or small tree (depending on pruning)

Zone 4-9 (possibly as low as zone 2)


Yellowhorn is also know as Chinese flowering chestnut, Popcorn Shrub, or Popcorn Shrub. This plant is an up an coming permaculture plant with lots of potential.  Edible young leaves, flowers, and seeds that smell like popcorn when roasted and taste like macadamia nuts or chestnuts are just the beginning.  There is significant research being done on the used of the oil from the nuts as a biodiesel source.   The plant is self-fertile and as with most self-fertile plants more than one can increase fruiting success.  Hardy to zone 4 at least with some reports of success in zone 2. Seeds/nuts ripen in September/October. 

Deciduous, flowering tree (20-25' tall) or multi-stemmed shrub (8-10' tall). Features lustrous, compound green leaves with 9-17 leaflets which persist late into the fall and five petaled, 1 inch diameter, star-shaped, white flowers with yellow or red May. Flowers are followed by 2.5" green fruits.  Very difficult to find plants for sale.  We have them! 

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