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Our Icelandic Chickens

icelandic chickens

We have been hoping for Icelandic Chickens for some time.  They aren't easy to find (like most of the things here at Foxgreen Farms).  With only about 3000 in existence on this great earth, we are very fortunate indeed!  The picture above is of 5 chicks at about 6 weeks old.  The white one, named Bonanza, is 6 weeks old.  How they have grown too!  The link below is a fun video when they were only 2 weeks old.


Icelandic Chickens at Foxgreen Farms

The chicks are doing well. I did my best guessing the sexes of them and came up with one rooster and 4 hens. Time will tell how accurate my guess is.

Here is a photo of them when they arrived.  icelandic crested chickens 3 weeks old



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  • Suzanne Bichrt on

    These are beautiful chickens and their call sounds different. I would love to have this breed myself.

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