Carolina Allspice(Calycanthus floridus) 10 Seeds

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AKA-Strawberry Shrub, Sweet Betsy, Sweet Shrub, Pineapple Shrub

Zones 4-9

Moist, well drained soil.  Will tolerate all soil pH variations. 

Medium to large shrub. 8-15 ft, can be pruned easily

The aromatic bark is dried and used as a substitute for cinnamon. 

Carolina Allspice is an attractive plant that has a wonderful fragrance.  You will want to plant it in a semi-shaded location near where you often travel in your forest/garden design.

There are reports of toxicity of this plant when eaten. Special care should be taken to prevent ruminants from browsing this shrub.   Care should also be taken not to consume in large quantities. Similarly, black pepper, nutmeg, garlic, hawthon berry, etc. all are not recommended in large quantity.  

Cherokee Indians had numerous uses for this plant including perfume, incense, eye medicine and more. ref (click

How to grow:

Soak seed for 48 hours, changing water daily.  Before soaking, it is a good idea to lightly scratch the seed coat with an emory board or sandpaper.  Plant 1" deep in sterile soil mix and keep watered but not soaking wet.  Once germinated and breaking the surface, feed with a weak fertilizer solution if your potting mix does not contain any nutrients.  Re-pot as needed and grow in a protected area their first year.  Plant in your desired location the spring of the following year.