Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree (Ginko biloba) *SALE*

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Zones 3-8

all pH suitabilty

Large Tree

One of the oldest living species of trees, the ginko survived the ice age in a few isolated parts of China.  The trees are either male or female.  Female produce the nuts which can smell like vomit if left to rot on the ground after they fall.  You will want to harvest them anyway.  The seed has a sweet flavour and tastes somewhat like a large pine nut. The baked seed makes very pleasant eating, it has a taste rather like a cross between potatoes and sweet chestnuts. The seed can be boiled and used in soups, porridges etc. It needs to be heated before being eaten in order to destroy a mildly acrimonious principle.  The seed is rich in niacin. It is a good source of starch and protein, but is low in fats. These fats are mostly unsaturated or monosaturated.  An edible oil can be obtained from the seed.


Ginko has been used safely for over 3000 years.  The seed is slightly toxic when raw so cooking is advised. Seed flesh before can be irritating to the skin, especially if you are sensitive to cashews or poison ivy.  (Fun fact - cashew is related to poison ivy)  If cleaning fresh seed, it is advisable to wear gloves.