Antonovka Apple Seeds (Malus pumila var. antonovka) 20 Seeds

  • $ 12.00


Zones 3-9

deer protection recommended

Good spring nectar source for bees

Medium tree  up to 35' -  space 20-30' apart

 ripens late season - best to wait for color to turn yellow

pH 6.8-7.2 (neutral) 

likes moist soil

 Lifespan 100+years

20 seeds per packet

The story of Antonovka:
This is the classic Russian apple, a couple of centuries old, yet still revered as much as ever by Russians at home and all over the world. The epitome of multi-purpose, Antonovka is a tart fresh eating apple when it's first ripe, a more complex eating apple given a bit of time in storage and a popular baking apple throughout.
 This disease resistant variety will grow true from seed, so you can expand your orchard by planting seeds from this fruit. Plant near another mid-season bloomer for good pollination. USDA Zones 3-9.  Ships to Contiguous USA only. 

Good for -Cider, Cooking / Sauces, Desserts / Pies, Fresh Eating, wine

Seeds are increasingly rare. 

Storage quality - 2-3 months

Years to bearing - 4-6