Sweet Briar Rose (Rosa eglantaria) 10 Seeds

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Zones 4 to 11

Packet 10 seeds

Seeds from this hard to find seeds from Rosa eglanteria, Sweet Briar Rose. Very sweet smelling foliage, the fragrance being particularly strong in the rain. Cupped single flowers, 1 inch across, usually bright pink, in midsummer, followed by orange scarlet hips in autumn. These make excellent bird food in winter. A beautiful, native to Europe and naturalized in the US.  The clear pink flowers, in shape perfection itself , each a couple of inches or so across, decorate the branches in summer and are followed by long-lasting, bright red hips. Makes an unusual, vigorous hedge. 7ft (2.1m) Leaves, flowers, seeds and spring shoots all have edible qualities and have been used in various medicinals (PFAF)

Succeeds in most soils, preferring a neutral soil and a sunny position. Grows well in heavy clay soils. Dislikes water-logged soils. Grows well with alliums, parsley, mignonette and lupins. Garlic planted nearby can help protect the plant from disease and insect predation.  A very ornamental plant. The leaves are apple-scented. The flowers are slightly scented.

Scarify(scratch or nick) the seed and then place it for 2 - 3 weeks in damp peat at a temperature of 80-89°f. Using a heat mat works well for this. (by which time moisture should have reached the embryo). It is then kept at 37°f (in the refrigerator) for the next 4 months by which time it should be starting to germinate.