Witch Hazel Hybrid (Hamamelis intermedia) 20 Seeds

Witch Hazel Hybrid (Hamamelis intermedia) 20 Seeds

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Packet contains 20 seeds

Hamamelis intermedia belongs to the genus of the witch hazels and is a hybrid between Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witch hazel) and Hamamelis japonica (Japanese witch hazel). Hamamelis is a perennial shrub that reaches a height of maximal 16 feet (5 m).

The shrub is always more broad than high. Hamamelis intermedia is green in summer and yellow, orange and red in autumn. Before the buds open in spring,  Witch Hazel flowers. The timing on this depends on your zone and happens between December and February. This is a stunning show of wrinkled blossoms ranging in color from yellow, orange reds, and browns.  The flowers can survive temperatures of minus 14 degrees F. In the frozen state the flowers look flabby. With defrosting the flowers tighten again and look fresh again. They are able to make every garden look awesome in winter. 

Branches and twigs are harvested for the bark in the spring.  How to make your own Witch Hazel Astringent- click here

The cultivation of Hamamelis intermedia is quite complex. The seeds need pretreatment. A warm and cold moist stratification is required. Treat seeds with a  2 months warm stratification then 1 month cold followed by another 2 weeks warm and then a further 4 months cold stratification. Despite the pretreatment, the germination time can strongly vary. One should be patient. It is worth it. .

Packet contains at least 20 seeds.