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Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea) Plants

$ 12.00
Part Sun
Zones 3-9
 Height and spread 8-12', can be pruned
Shipped as 12-18" plant
Medium water, low maintenance, drought tolerant
Excellent bird nesting site
Can be used in hedgerow
Nitrogen Fixing
Shrub to Large Shrub Layer
aka: silver buffaloberry, Silver Berry, Buffalo Berry,  Rabbit Berry, añ-ka-mo-do-nûp, or Nebraska Curranant
Easily grown in average, moderately fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates light shade. Male and female flowers are on separate plants, order 3 to ensure pollination. Tolerates poor dry soils.
Traditionally the fruit have been eaten raw or dried, particularly after they have received some exposure to frost. The fruit have also been used in pemmican, soup, puddings, juice, pies, preserves, and wines. Preservation methods include drying, freezing, and canning.

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