Bur-Gambel Oak - (Quercus macrocarpa x gambelli)

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can handle dry conditions, good for xeriscaping

pH 6.8 or lower (acidic)

Zones 3-7

12-18" shipped

Canopy Layer, Grows to 45'

Nut Bearing - produces nuts in 3-4 years 


You can have acorns, fast! Bur-Gambel is an incredible tree. This hybrid is a unique cross between Bur Oak and Gambel Oak, both in the white oak family, and have sweet acorns produced at an early age. 

Excellent Acorn Production on a Small Tree

This hybrid cross with Bur Oak will still produce a large tree, not as large as some oaks but it is loaded with acorns early in the season.  It should start producing when 4 ft in height.  Amazing!  Very winter hardy. 

Acorns add a nutty, slightly sweet taste to foods. 

Try substituting them in recipes that call for chickpeas, peanuts or macadamia nuts.
sprinkling chopped, roasted acorns on a garden salad. Make acorn butter instead of peanut or almond butter. A
dd acorns to stews as you would add beans or potatoes to add more taste and depth. Process into flour.

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