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Linden - Big Leaf (Tilia platyphyllos)

$ 12.00

Sun (can tolerate some shade)

Zones 2-5

Excellent nectar source for bees

large canopy tree up to 100 feet Can be coppiced

 flowers in the summer

pH 6.8-7.2 (neutral) - tolerates acid and basic soils as well

likes moist soil

shipped as 1 to 2' foot plant

 Lifespan 2000+years

Plants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PRWe cannot ship plants outside the US or to the following states: CA, ID,WA,OR

Common Name: Lime Tree, Linden Tree, Basswood Tree

This is a major permaculture tree.  Also known as the "Bee Tree" we had two in Massachusetts which were likely the largest in the state, if not New England.  The smell from the flowers on a humid summer evening was beyond pleasant and the bees during the day were similarly impressed.  They were covered with 10's of thousands of bees.  A note of caution with their culture.  If "Winter Moth" is present  in your area, you will have to take action to protect the tree.  There are organic and physical barriers which would be effective.  One of the most useful is setting up an ultra violet zapper in the late fall/early winter to attract and kill the flying moths.  Eggs are laid in the grooves of the bark.  These can be minimized with dormant oil etc. 

Edible Uses:

Young leaves - raw. A delicious addition to salads and sandwiches, the young leaves are mild and tender.

Flowers and Seeds: A chocolate substitute can be made from a paste of the ground-up flowers and immature fruit. Use quickly after preparation as it has a very short shelf life. A popular herb tea is made from the flowers, it has a sweet, fragrant pleasant flavor.

Sap - harvested in the spring, it is sweet and can be used as a drink or concentrated into a syrup.

Medicinal Uses

The tea made from flowers has an array of reported benefits.  See WebMD  As always be cautious when trying new plants as food.  Reports of a narcotic effect have not been described with this species.  


Dynamic Accumulator (Phosphorus and Calcium) - leaves are used in mulch
Large limbs: Firewood, posts, mushroom logs
Small limbs: Poles
Small branches: Baskets, Musical Instruments, and other crafts
Fiber can be made into mats and ropes and even cloth (inner bark is soaked in water for a month, and then individual fibers can easily be separated).
Trees can be used to support vines

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