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Plum - Japanese (Prunus salcina)

$ 15.00

Full Sun

Good spring nectar source for bees

pH 5.5-6.5 neutral

Zones 3-8

Sub Canopy, Large Shrub, Small tree 10' to 15'ft tall  can be pruned or espaliered

Space 10-12' apart  all around

12-18" plants 

Fruit tree

Cannot ship plants outside the continental US or to the following states: CA, ID,WA,OR

The hardiest plum on earth!

Japanese plums are very sweet and juicy— perfect for fresh eating! In fact, most of the plums you see in grocery stores come from Japanese plum trees. These are self-fertile but fruit set is better with another variety or will pollinate with Manchurian Apricot.

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