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Siberian Peashrub Plant (Caragana arborescens)

$ 9.00

New! Larger size for 2018

Zones 2-8


Bee Plant - The honey created has a pleasant taste, slightly 'fruity'

grows 6-12 feet depending on pruning - 

pH-All soils, will tolerate very alkaline soil

well drained soil, consistant moisture

Shipped as 18-24" plants

Shrub layer

Nitrogen fixing

aka: Pea shrub, Pea Tree, Ross caragana, Siberian pea tree, pea-tree

well drained soil, adaptable, full sun

Edible pods, seeds, flowers

This species is very tolerant of infertile soils, cold winter temperatures, and drought conditions. It tolerates alkaline soils and deicing salt.

Siberian Peashrub has multiple uses.  The inch long fragrant flowers are visited by bees and hummingbirds and are edible to humans (nice addition to salads).  The young pods are good cooked or raw in Summer and the "peas" can be used like dried peas.

The seeds are high quality chicken food.  If you are looking to grow your own Non-GMO chicken feed, this is the plant for you. Ripe seeds should be picked in a two week window, usually in July or August before they spit open. 

Siberian Peashrub grow 6-12' tall with a similar spread.  It is attractive and forms a nice screen or windbreak.  Peashrub is a nitrogen fixer. 


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