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Grape- Somerset Seedless - Hardy to Zone 4

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USDA Hardiness Zone 4


pH 6.5-7

Hardiest seedless grape for northern gardens.

Somerset Seedless berries are medium size, non-slipskin, and have a strawberry-like flavor. It is the premier earliest seedless grape available. Very disease resistant and hardy to about -30 F. Great for juice and jelly and eating out of hand.

This heavy bearer will give you compact clusters of medium-sized grapes.The fruit starts out pink, but becomes much sweeter and more flavorful after ripening on the vine until turning a full red color.  Ripens in August. Self-pollinating.

Somerset Seedless is among the earliest maturing and most winter hardy seedless grapes. It produces small to medium-sized, compact clusters with medium-sized berries with adherent skin and great strawberry-like flavor. These are great to plant on a canopy trellis near your home.  Plant 6-8 feet apart. 

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