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Yucca- Hardy Great Plains (Yucca glauca)

$ 7.76


Zones 4-10

 very minimal water requirements <10" required/year, up to 40" ok

rarely bothered by deer

tall groundcover or small shrub @3 foot tall

pH 5-7.5 neutral to acid

shipped as small crown

Hedge/Hedgerow Plant

Yucca, an extremely useful permaculture plant. 


Fruit/Flowers - raw or cooked. Remove skins as they are bitter. The fruit can be baked and either eaten immediately or formed into cakes and dried for later use. The raw fruit can be dried for winter use. The soaked, cooked fruit can be made into a syrup and used like hot chocolate.  Flowers and flower buds are delicious raw, they can also be dried, crushed and used as a flavoring. Flowers are also a delicious addition to the salad bowl, or used as a potherb. The white inner portion of the flower stem can be used like asparagus. Seedpods can be boiled or roasted and used as a vegetable. The plant crowns can be utilized as an emergency food. Flowers best in dry sandy soil. 

Leaves- Both the leaves, and a fiber obtained from the leaves, can be used for making cloth, ropes and mats. The leaves can be split and used to make baskets. The leaves are used as paint brushes and brooms.  The sharp points of the leaves have been used as needles. The roots are rich in saponins and can be used as a soap substitute. The soap obtained from the root makes a good hair shampoo, it is said to be effective against dandruff and also to act as a tonic to stop the hair falling out. The shampoo also rids the body of lice and other parasites.

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