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Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia Kolomikta Kiwi) 50+Seeds

$ 6.00


Zones 3-9

Good  nectar source for bees


pH 5.5-7 (neutral to slightly acidic) 

likes moist soil - does not like persistent soggy areas

appropriate for living fence or windbreak with trellis support

Another great plant for cool to very cold climates.  Kilomikta Kiwi has the same yummy flavor as the supermarket kiwis. Eat the delicious fruit right off the vine.  This new variety has a beautiful variegated foliage which appears on both the male and female plants. Previously, the colorful foliage was created only on the male plants.  This attractive vine produces more narrow oblong shaped fruit than other hardy kiwis.  Kilomika Kiwi typically grows to 15-20' with support. 

To Grow This Seed:

Plant the seeds no deeper than 1/8 inch in a sterile potting mix and cover the container to keep the humidity high. The soil should be moist but not wet. As soon as the plants germinate, uncover the container. After the seedlings are up, put a thin layer of clean sand on top of the medium. When plants have four true leaves, transplant them to individual pots. At this time, use a low rate of liquid fertilizer. Transplant the seedlings to where they will grow when they are several inches tall.


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