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Oak - Northern Red Oak -Querus rubra

$ 4.00


can handle dry conditions, good for xeriscaping

pH 6.8 or lower (acidic)

Zones 4-7

Shipped in 1oz pkg (@8 seeds)

Canopy Layer, Grows to 65'-90'

Nut Bearing 

"Acorn flour has a pleasantly sweet and nutty flavor. It smells very much like molasses or caramel."

  • Straight trunk, Upright Branches, and a Rounded Crown for your keystone food forest tree. 
  • Brick red fall foliage is also great material for leaf mold composting
  • Nutrition: 5 percent protein.  7.2 g of protein, 14.5 g of fat and 65.7 g of carbohydrate per 100 grams of fresh acorns
  • Low tannin in this variety make processing easier

How to make Acorn Flour the Easy Way

One week or one day?  Do this for the one day method of removing the bitter tannin from these acorns. - Wild Harvests 

The Incredible Edible Acorn by Arthur Haines


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