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Yellowhorn (Xanthoceras sorbifolium) 20 Seeds

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aka: Chinese Flowering Chestnut , Popcorn Shrub

  • Hardy to zone 5
  • pH acid to basic - widely adaptable
  • Heat loving, exceptionally cold hardy, drought tolerant (nice combination!) 
  • Size 6-26 feet both height and width - (Grows similar to a Sumac)
  • Soil - loam to clay to sandy
  • Sun - full sun, partial sun
  • Forest Garden Use - Shrub or Sub-canopy layer
  • Flowers April/May

Yes, this will be a favorite addition to my plantings. The edible flowers themselves look fantastic! Young leaves are edible as well and they produce a seed pod with nuts or "nut-lets" which can taste like macadamia nuts or hazelnuts. (Ok so there is a big difference between those nuts)  Never-the-less, I would guess it depends how they are prepared. It is advisable to pick nuts before they are fully ripe so you can beat the squirrels to them!

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