Hops - Cascade (Humulus lupulus) Plants

Hops - Cascade (Humulus lupulus) Plants

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Zones 4-9

neutral to slightly acidic soil

3.25 inch container

The Cascade cultivar is aromatic and is one of the most widely grown commercial hop varieties. The popularity of Cascade relates to the dual purpose use for aromatic and bitterness characteristics. The hops of Cascade are moderately aromatic with bitterness and the spicy fragrance. The flora hop aromas are described as resembling spices and citrus, the citrus being very similar to the grapefruit. Plants have high resistance to fungal diseases and are the most widely used hop. Some brewers call it the American Pale Ale.



The hop (humulus lupulus) is a hardy perennial, which may grow up to 25’ in a season, dying back to the crown in the fall. Ripe flower cones can be harvested in August and September, dried, and used in brewing for flavor, aroma, bittering, preservation, and head retention. Under good conditions a vigorous hop can produce up to 2lbs of dried flowers. Mature hop cones are 1” to 3” long, yellowish green, and papery to the touch. Plant in early spring, in full sun