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We do care.  When considering our time and efforts while here on this planet we believe the best reason to be alive is to work to make other peoples lives better.  This includes our newly constructed family which includes myself (Tom) and my adopted son(Larry).  
How can we succeed making the world a better place when there is so much to do?  We just get up every day and try.  
Our farm and nursery is located in a very rural and economically challenged part of Maine.  Locally our efforts have excited the area and town.  We are beginning to provide local food products and making inroads into separating the local food supply from a fragile national distribution system.  Both locally and worldwide, we are working with very good effect providing plant material to everyone who wants to do their part for their family and community to have more healthy, reliable, nutritious food.  
Whether here in the Bangor, Maine area or beyond we are doing the work needed and expanding both market gardens and nursery operations to meet the increasing need in a increasingly fragile world. 

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