Oh So Good, Shallots!


It’s only March and we’ve used up the last of our stored bulb onions, which would be sad if not for shallots. As I bring a bowl of these chestnut beauties up the basement steps, my mouth starts to water, because I know what lies ahead. A slow simmer in butter or olive oil transforms shallots into a dream version of caramelized onions. Whether I’m chopping and cooking shallots for saute , pizza, or some incredible sauce, I cook extra to sprinkle with sea salt and spread on some homemade bread. Yes,they are that good.

If you want to enjoy your own home shallots at this time next year, you can get started now. Shallots can be grown from our live shallot plants. They will produce beautiful, high quality shallots by late summer. Planting one of our unique shallot plants will yield 3 to 8 full grown shallots by the end of August. 

Harvest after the tops begin to die back in late August.  Hand to dry for about 3 weeks and these super-easy-to-keep members of the onion family will grace your table well into the next spring. 

Available from us for a limited time in the "Farmstand" Section. 

(known in Australia as eschalot)

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