Wine Cap (Stropharia rugosoannulata) The easiest Mushroom to grow


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Wine Cap Stropharia rugosoannulata - Vigorous red-capped fruiting bodies thrive on woody debris piles and work well in non-sterile environments such as outdoor sawdust, wood chip and straw beds. Prefers hardwood chips but will grow on a mix of soft and hard. Once established, a wine cap bed will produce for several years and can be easily transplanted into fresh woody debris to create a new bed. 

Can be incorporated into annual garden vegetable plantings when using the "Back to Eden" style method. 

For the first planting, you will start with a bag of sawdust spawn from us. After that, you should never again need to buy spawn, as the Wine Cap easily self-propagates.

A 5.5-pound bag of sawdust spawn, will cover at least 50 square feet. With that in mind, sprinkle out half the total dose of sawdust onto the moist chips. Next, drop on another two inches of moist chips and add the second half of the spawn to the top. Mix the spawn on top in a little with a metal rake or by hand. Last, sprinkle on fresh straw and water down. Do not worry if the straw begins to sprout grass; it will only help the Wine Cap trap more moisture.

Sawdust Spawn is hardwood sawdust colonized by mushroom mycelium. Each bag contains 5.5 lbs of inoculated hardwood sawdust, enough for about 16'x16' woody debris area.  Sawdust spawn is the preferred spawn for commercial mushroom growers and homestead production.

Special Note: Wine Cap is available as sawdust spawn only. No plug spawn is available for Wine Cap.

jiovi®  offers larger quantities of spawn to farms looking to incorporate mushrooms into their farm plans and commercial mushroom operations. Please inquire at -  

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