Kentucky Coffee Tree(Gymnocladus dioicus) 10 Seeds

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Zones 3-8

All pH ok, can grow in very alkaline soils


Seeds are used raw or cooked. The roasted seeds can be eaten like sweet chestnuts. The pulp is sweet and has a flavor like caramel.  The roasted seed is a caffeine-free coffee substitute. We do not recommend eating the seed raw.  Heating to at least 300 degrees for 2-3 hours will yield a nice tasting coffee like beverage, one that has been consumed for hundreds of years or more.  Here is a great how-to on Kentucky Coffee Tree beans - click

To grow: Scratch seed between layers of sandpaper, do not rub through the seed coat.  Soak for 24 hours or until the seed swells.  Change water daily if longer soaking is needed.  Plant in pots and transplant into larger pots after the seedling is 4-5 inches tall.  Grow in a protected location the first year and plant into final location the following spring.