Korean Nut Pine (Pinus Koraiensis) 20 Seeds

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Part Sun

pH acid to neutral


Zone 2-7

Seed - raw or cooked. Rich in oil. A soft texture with a hint of resin in the flavour, it makes a delicious snack and can also be used in pesto as a staple food. The seed can also be dried and ground into a powder then used as a flavoring and thickener in soups etc. Fairly large, the seeds are up to 1/2 inch long.

Does well in acidic to neutral soils and can withstand extremely cold climates (zone 2). Its nut is used in salads and to make pesto sauce.  Growing instructions included with every seed packet we sell. Start your pesto trees today.

How to grow:

Place seeds in a zip-loc bag and add very damp soilless potting soil around seeds.  Put bag in refrigerator for 6 weeks to improve the germination of stored seed. After the time in the refrigerator, place bag at room temp until you see sprouted seeds.  Plant in individual pots and grow until you can transplant them into their permanent positions and protect them for their first winter or two.

Plants have a very sparse root system and the sooner they are planted into their permanent positions the better they will grow. Trees should be planted outdoor positions when they are quite small. Keep weeded and provide a weed-excluding mulch - They establish very well.