Jujube (Ziziphus jujube var. spinosa) 50 Seeds - Dehulled

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Zones 6-9 (possibly 5, trials underway)

Good Summer nectar source for bees

 Tree-may be pruned

pH 6.5-8 (most soils, tolerates salty and alkaline) 

likes moist soil including clay- Tolerates drought!

hedge plant when pruned for this

Deer resistance very good


Easy to grow. Fruits from seed Jujube makes excellent bee forage mid-summer and is a very tough tree. Grows 10-20 ft.  The small brown fruits, sometimes call Chinese Dates, are like a sweet crisp apple in green stage, and when dried have a flavor that resembles dates. The fruits are nutritious as well as delicious and full of vitamin C. The Jujube is one of the most widely grown fruits in China where they are highly esteemed. Trees are drought tolerant, hardy to –10 degrees.Fruit ripens late summer fall. Need 2 for Pollination. Zones 6-10. Possibly Zone 5.  

aka:Anèbe, Azufaifo, Badar, Ber, Black Date, Black Jujube, Chinese Date, Chinese Jujube, Da Zao, Date Seed, Datte Chinoise, Datte Noire, Fructus Jujubae, Fructus Ju Jubae, Hei Zao, Hong Zao, Jujube Chinois, Jujube Plum, Jujube Noir, Jujube Rouge, Jujubi, Jujubier, Red Date, Red Jujube Date, Rhamnus zizyphus, Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Sour Chinese Date, Sour Date, Suan Zao Ren, Zao, Zefzouf, Ziziphi Spinosae, Ziziphus jujuba, synonyms Ziziphus sativa, Ziziphus spinosa, Ziziphus vulgaris, Ziziphus zizyphus, Zizyphi Fructus, Zizyphus, Zizyphus jujuba, Zyzyphus jujube.