Scotch Broom(Cytisus scoparius) 25 Seeds

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aka:Broom, Scotch broom, Common Broom

Nitrogen Fixing

pH: all, can grow in very acid soils

Zones 5-8

The flower buds are pickled and used as a substitute for capers. They can also be added to salads. Some caution is advised due to potential toxicity. This website would be a good launching off spot for your own research -click

Scotch broom is an attractive perennial evergreen shrub with bright yellow, pealike flowers. It can grow to 12 feet high but usually is 3 to 6 feet high; branches are stiff, dark green, and broomlike. Leaves are single or in clusters with bright green groups of three leaflets. Very bee friendly. 

How to grow: Take two pieces of sandpaper and rub seeds gently between.  The goal is to scratch and not remove the seed coat.  Soak for 24 hours and plant in your flats or soil 3/4 in deep.  Germination may be improved by, after scratching and soaking, refrigerating between damp paper towels for 30 days.  

Note: This plant has been treated as invasive in some areas.  Please check your local environment for compatibility.