Trumpet Creeper(Campsis radicans wings) 50 Seeds

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Zones 4-10

Most soils, adaptable  Expect rampant growth in fertile soil. 

This vine may not be edible but it is a butterfly and hummingbird attractor.  It can be used as an effective ground covering when planted 6 feet apart.  

This is a showy perennial.  Planting near a window or on an arbor above a seating area will provide an endless display of hummingbird activity.  

Prune aggressively.  Trumpet Creeper can grow very quickly once established and in warmer climates, overtake an area. Very diligent pruning can result in a tree form or remarkable hedge. 

How to grow:  Soak seed for 24 hours and place in a zip-loc bag with a small amount of damp potting mix or vermiculite.  Cool stratify by allowing to remain in the refrigerator for 30 days.  If you skip this step, expect lower germination rates.  Plant 1/16 of an inch deep and keep moist.  Re-pot and grow out until large enough to plant in it's desired location.