Willlow - sx-61 Fast Growing Crafts/Biomass/Fencing/Poles

  • $13.00


Zones 4-6

 Likes moist areas

pH neutral to acid

 Shrub layer

 Can be used for living hedgerow

shipped as 18-24" rod 

SX61 (Salix miyabeana) is probably the most versatile willow variety. It’s fast growing and disease resistant. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and high yielding lending itself to fences, hedges and other decorative plantings. SX61 has been a popular variety among those raising livestock and those looking for massive biomass plantings. SX61 is easy to plant and is quick to root and grow. Coppice yearly for basket making, every two years for poles.

Shipped rods root easily.


  • Biomass
  • Privacy Hedges
  • Living Snow Fences
  • Medicine- Awesome article from Wild Foods and Medicines
  • Basketry
  • Forage for rabbits, sheep, goats, more
  • Living Structures