About jiovi® and Foxgreen Farms


jiovi® (pronounced gee OH vee)

 jiovi® Permaculture Nursery

Our Vision

Conversion of agriculture and human habitats to organic, sustainable, resilient methods, improved health for the earth and its inhabitants, and greater awareness of and demand for organic products.

Our Mission
Our mission is to convene credible, evidence-based science on the environmental and health benefits of organic food and sustainable, resilient human habitats, farming and communicate them to the public.

Our Goals

·  Research: Serve the public good by offering a comprehensive and relevant set of credible, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the benefits of organic food and resilient, sustainable farming, and human habitats to human, animal and environmental health.

·  Education & Information: Help consumers and organizations access and understand science that sheds light on the organic, sustainable and resilient benefits, and serve as a free, trusted, world-wide clearinghouse for this information

·  Organic Production: Contribute to a measurable increase in organic production and consumption.

·  Sustainable and Resilient: We identify, design, and develop human habitats - landscape and infrastructure systems - that yield perennial abundance and enduring value. These are adaptive, resilient and secure places in a future of peak oil and climate instability

·  Media and Public Policy Resource: Communicate verifiable findings to policy makers and focus the attention of mainstream media on the “organic, sustainable, and resilient difference.”

·  Partnerships: Establish mutually beneficial strategic partnerships to advance our mission.

·  Vibrant Organization: Achieve revenue objectives through new and creative funding strategies.

  • We have signed the Safe Seed pledge, to sell only Non-GMO products
  • We are located in Maine, spanning Seboeis Plantation and  the town of Howland.
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  • jiovi® is a registered trademarked brand of Foxgreen Farms, LLC