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American Hazelnut (Corylus americana) 20 Seeds

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Part Sun (yields will be lower in part sun)

Zones 3-8

Produces a large amount of pollen in early spring for bees

may be planted as a hedge

Large shrub, shrub  up to 10' - may be pruned, space 3-4' apart


pH 6.8-7.2 (neutral) 

likes moist soil

rarely bothered by deer

A native to eastern North America, this small tree or multi-branched shrub produces edible nuts in fall. Showy male flowers appear in spring, in the form of elongated tan catkins, while the female flowers are reddish and inconspicuous. Foliage turns golden yellow to red to purple in autumn. The dense, low growth habit provides excellent habitat for birds and wildlife. American hazels are not as large as European varieties but they are much hardier and not susceptible to Eastern Filbert Blight. 

Edible nuts that mature in September-October

Tips on harvesting from Blanche -