American Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) 100 Seeds

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The deep blue-violet flower spikes make this biennial a highlight of the summer meadow. Blue Vervain is fast growing. It can be planted with other moisture-loving plants along streamsides, at pond edges and in other damp areas for rapid soil stabilization and a burst of late-summer color. Verbena hastata is a larval host plant for the Common Buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia).

The seed can be roasted and ground into a powder.  Pleasantly bitter, some of this bitterness can be removed by leeching the flour. The leaves are used as a tea substitute.

From PFAF- The leaves and roots are antiperiodic, diaphoretic, emetic, expectorant, tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary. The roots are more active than the leaves. The plant is used in the treatment of stomach aches, gravel, worms and scrofula. An infusion of the roots, leaves or seeds has been used in the early stages of fever. A snuff made from the dried flowers has been used to treat nose bleeds.

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How to Grow-

Mix seed with damp fine sand, peat, or vermiculite and place in a ziploc bag.  Refrigerate for 30 days then plant in trays.  The cold, moist treatment speeds germination by simulating seasons.  Prick seedlings out into individual cells or pots and grow out until about 3 inches tall.  Plant outside then or wait until they have reached your desired size.