Chess Apple (Sorbus aria) 40 Seeds

  • $ 8.00

AKA: Whitebeam, Mountainash

Zones 4-8

Very soil type and pH adaptable 

Usually make into jams or jellies and sometimes mixed with apple.  It has a delicious after sweetening  and cooking.   If eaten raw, it has a tropical like flavor when the fruit is bletted.  This means it is nearly to the rotting stage before eating.  Fruit can be picked and stored at room temperature until it is very soft before fresh eating. 

How to Grow:

  • Soak seeds in water for 48 hours.
  • Place in a Ziploc bag and set on a shelf or counter at room temperature for two months
  • Then place bag in the refrigerator for 2-3 months
  • Watch for germination throughout this process and plant in pots if this occurs
  • Plant remaining seeds in pots and when large enough to prick out, plant into individual pots. 
  • Top growth is slow the first few years so care should be taken with watering and weeding.  

Grows to 39ft.