Haskap Honeyberry - Indigo Gem (Lonicera caerulea) 'Indogo Gem'

  • $ 25.00

Zones 2-7

Ph Neutral to slightly acid 5.5-7.5

Available in 1/2 gallon pot size (may be shipped without pot) and 1" plugs

Indigo Gem is a Honeyberry variety selected by the University of Saskatchewan.  It is a fast growing, high yielding berry that is well suited for commercial production. Pale Yellow flowers in spring are followed by great tasting blueberry-like fruit that ripens mid-June. Also known as Honeyberries or Blue Honeysuckle, Canadian Haskap are superior to any other Honeyberries with sweeter, wild Blueberry flavor and larger, fleshier fruit not unlike oversize Blueberries. Extremely cold hardy plant as a plant and the fruit is very healthy. Requires cross-pollination. We suggest Haskap Honeyberry - Berry Blue (Czech 17).

One of the preferred fresh-eating berries for its sweetness and slightly chewy texture, with very good productivity.

Indigo Gem yields fruits that are excellent in quality. This cultivar would be the choice for mechanical harvest for the fresh or process markets. The fruits of most Haskap cultivars are soft and melt in your mouth when eaten whereas the Indigo Gem has thicker skin and flesh therefore the fruit is chewier much like a grape. This is a good attribute for the process market because when the berries are cooked they will remain a similar shape.

The plants will produce consistent average yields, in one test area the variety produced twice the amount of fruit compared to other cultivars. Plants are vigorous and will grow 5.5 feet at maturity. The shape of the fruits are shorter and oval with an average weight of 1.3 grams. The fruits have good firmness with nice blend of sweet and mild tanginess. Indigo Gem will be a very suitable fruit for shipping long distance for the fresh market and a good choice for the frozen markets.