Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) - Single Seeded English Hawthorn

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Zones 4-8

Good spring nectar source for bees

small tree  up to 19 Can be kept as a medium shrub by pruning

 ripens late season, fruit persists into early winter

pH 6.8-7.2 (neutral) - tolerates acid and basic soils as well

likes moist soil


shipped as 1 to 2' foot plant

 Lifespan 700+years

Plants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PRWe cannot ship plants outside the US or to the following states: CA, ID,WA,OR


Also known as - May Blossom, Oneseed Hawthorn, One-seed Hawthorn, Singleseed Hawthorn, Single-seeded Hawthorn

The oldest specimens are over 700 years old!  Very common in Europe and was likely introduced early in New England's colonial history.  

The fruit is not tasty raw, rather mealy and dry unless picked at just the right moment.  This can be difficult and not essential to good eating after cooking. It can be a delicious syrup, jam, dried-ground- and added to flour before baking.  All you need to do is prepare your favorite way. The young shoots have a nutty flavor and are a nice addition to salads.  Dried leaves are a China tea substitute.  Avoid eating the seeds.  Strain them out after cooking.  LIke apples, they contain Amygdalin which you don't want a lot of. 

Health benefits of Hawthorn or "Haw" are many.  Hawthorn is an extremely valuable medicinal herb. It is used mainly for treating disorders of the heart and circulation system, especially angina. Western herbalists consider it a 'food for the heart', it increases the blood flow to the heart muscles and restores normal heart beat. This effect is brought about by the presence of bioflavonoids in the fruit, these bioflavonoids are also strongly antioxidant, helping to prevent or reduce degeneration of the blood vessels. The fruit is antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, sedative, tonic and vasodilator. Both the fruits and flowers of hawthorns are well-known in herbal folk medicine as a heart tonic and modern research has borne out this use.- (from PFAF)

Prep time 20 mins    Cook time 2 hours
Healthy Homemade Hawthorn Jam
1 pound of hawthorn berries
1 cup sugar or more as needed- Make very sweet if water bath canning. 
1 and ½ cup water
½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Airtight and clean containers
Wash and rinse your storage containers.
Clean the fresh hawthorn berry and then soak in slightly salted water for around 20 minutes. Then wash again and remove the core.
Transfer hawthorn into a food processor, add water. Blend until almost smooth but there are some small particles or smooth according to your own taste.
Pour the mixture to a sauce pan; add sugar and simmer for around 80 to 100 minutes. Add fresh lemon juice in the middle. Stir from time to time.
Pour the jam into the prepared containers. Leave ⅓ of space at the top of each container to allow room for the jam to expand in the freezer.
Seal the containers and let the jam sit at room temperature for 24 hours. Then store the jam the refrigerator for up to 1 week or in the freezer for up to 1 month. Can be processed like any jam for longer storage.