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King of the North (KON) - Super Hardy Grape Vine

King of the North (KON) - Super Hardy Grape Vine

$ 12.00



Zone 3-7

pH 6.5-7

Shipped as heavily rooted #1 grade plants

Wholesale price ≥ 50 vines $7.00 ea. plus shipping.  Email early to reserve.

A hardy blue grape excellent for juice, jelly and wine making. Vigorous, productive vines are resistant to common grape diseases and insects. Fruit is medium size, juicy, tart, borne on tight clusters, and ripens early September. A labrusca riparia hybrid originally found in an old neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Grapes are slipskin.

This is the true “lost child” of modern viticulture. It is of uncertain lineage having been found growing at a farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin. For years, there was little interest until variety trials carried out by the late Dr. Bob Tomesh at the  University of  Wisconsin revealed it was extremely cold hardy.

These are some of the grapes that are helping move viticulture north and making it reliable in areas further south where better known grapes are unreliable. As a matter of collateral benefit, cold hardy grapes also produce wines that are in no way typical of wines so widely available in stores. They are helping us find a style and a flavor profile typical of our great region; a type of wine the public can only get from regional winemakers.

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