Ox Eye Sunflower - Heliopsis helianthoides

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Full Sun
 Sand, Loam, Clay
Dry, Medium, Moist
 Benefits, Birds, Butterflies, Bees, Beetles
 Blooms Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Color: Yellow
Spacing: 1'
All around great plant.  Also called false sunflower, Ox Eye isn't a true sunflower but is in the family.  It looks similar to the true sunflower but blooms earlier and longer, making it a must-have in your summer garden or meadow.  Are you looking for a beneficial insect attractor? A beautiful hedge type plant? Want to enhance your meadow? Add this one to your order!  Their tall blooms make great cut flowers all summer long! Perennial and self seeding.  Does not spread by rhizomes.