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Paw Paw Plants (Asimina triloba) Plants

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Paw Paw (Indiana banana, American custard apple, banangois) hardy to zone 5.  There are some reports it will survive in parts of zone 4 nowadays but the fruit production may may not be as abundant.  The nutritious greenish yellow fruit appears after the beautiful tulip like blooms.  The taste is a something like a cross between a banana and a mango.  Best fruit set with 2 or more trees.  Seeds are inedible. This is an open pollinated variety, so you can expect some variation.  We think that is a good thing. 

Paw Paw likes rich moist soil. It is a native to the United States and is well suited for your garden with few pests and needing little care. 

grown and shipped as a very large 15-30 cu in. plug  and are 12-18"- see photo

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