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Quince, Japanese "Spitfire" (Chaenomeles speciosa)

$ 7.00

Sun to part sun

Zones 5-8

Good  nectar source for bees

may be planted as a hedge

 shrub  up to 8' x 8' - may be pruned

fruit is ripens September

pH 6.1-7 (neutral) 

likes moist soil

shipped as 6-12" plant

Plants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PRPlants are not available in AE AK CA GU HI PR

This ancient relative to the apple resembles yellowed, large, lumpy, more pear-shaped, and slightly fuzzy apples. The fragrance of a few ripe quinces can fill a room with an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. These are small trees or large shrubs that are treated much like apples in cultivation. 

Bright red flowers and fruit in September. Fruit is preffered cooked.  Periodically remove some of the old canes to encourage new growth in the center of the plant. Prune immediately after flowering. Plant against a south facing wall in the coldest climate range.  Tolerates juglone (natural growth inhibitor produced by Black Walnut and its relatives). Consider using this tree as a buffer between your walnuts and other plantings.

Allow sufficient space for this large mounding form with dense, stiff, twiggy branches arising from a relatively tight basal crown. Individual, group, or hedge plantings.


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