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Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Sawdust Spawn 5.5 lbs

$ 25.00

Inoculate Spring, Fall, Winter 

Grows best on Oak. Does well on most hardwoods. 

Keep your sawdust spawn refrigerated until use. Use withing a few days of opening.

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Reishi Ganoderma lucidum - Beautiful waxy reddish-brown shelf-like fruit bodies are a highly prized immune-boosting medicinal used to treat a long list of ailments. Used for teas and tinctures. Not for culinary use. Fruits midsummer. Prefers oak logs though other hardwood species can be used.

Sawdust Spawn is hardwood sawdust colonized by mushroom mycelium. Each bag contains 5.5 lbs of inoculated hardwood sawdust, enough for about 25 3-4' logs. Drill 12mm (about 1/2 in) holes in your logs, pack the sawdust using an inoculation tool and seal with wax. Sawdust spawn is the preferred spawn for commercial mushroom growers and homestead production.

jiovi®  offers larger quantities of spawn to farms looking to incorporate mushrooms into their farm plans and commercial mushroom operations. Please inquire at -  


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