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Saskatoon Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) Plants

$ 9.00

Sun, Part Shade

Sub Canopy, Large Shrub

zones 3-9

Plant 5 ft spacing between plants and in rows 12' apart - Mature plant 10'x10' unpruned

Adaptable but likes slightly acidic soil.

aka: Saskatoon, Shadbush, Shadblow, Indian Pear, Juneberry, May Cherry, Sarvisberry


18-24" Plants

The beautiful blossoms in the spring are followed by a sweet, June ripening fruit. Saskatoons like a rich loamy soil but will tolerate nearly any soil (pH neutral to acidic).  In fact, a little stress on an established plant yields sweeter fruit.  The taste is similar to blueberries.  Saskatoons are beginning to make their way into the USA retail market. They are currently commercially popular in Canada for fresh market, u-pick and preserves. Saskatoons are related to apples so their flavor has hints of apple along with blueberry. 


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