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SEABERRY-Female "Mary" (Hippophae rhamnoides) Plants

SEABERRY-Female "Mary" (Hippophae rhamnoides) Plants

$ 30.00

Full Sun

Light Partial Day Shade OK

Steady Moisture Better, Tolerates Drought Once Established

Zones 3-7

Nitrogen Fixing

@18" seedling length 

Fruit bearing (F) @2years 

15-20' shrub unpruned


pH 5-7

aka:Ananas de Sibérie, Argasse, Argousier, Argousier Faux-Nerprun, Bourdaine Marine, Buckthorn, Chharma, Dhar-Bu, Épine Luisante, Épine Marrante, Espino Armarillo, Espino Falso, Faux Nerprun, Finbar, Grisset, Meerdorn, Oblepikha, Olivier de Sibérie, Purging Thorn, Rokitnik, Sallow Thorn, Sanddorn, Saule Épineux, Sceitbezien, Sea-Buckthorn, Seedorn, Star-Bu, Tindved

Humans have used this for at least 12 centuries.  Slender silvery leaves, masses of persistent orange-yellow berries in autumn which stay on the bush all winter. Berries high in vitamin C & E & used in culinary & medical uses. Mary is Medium Height up to 6 to 7 ft but can be pruned. Mary has few thorns & resistant to infection, Fruits, bright orange & remain firm for a long period with much longer harvest period, The mild pleasant flavor of this berry has kept it the top pick among Europeans.. good choice for both cosmetics & consumables.. (Needs a Pollinator - "Lord")


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