Solomon's Plume Seed (Maianthemum racemosum) 25 Seeds

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Plumes of white flowers grace the arching stems in spring, and the bright red berries provide interest in the fall. The seeds are a favorite of Ruffed Grouse. Solomon's Plume spreads slowly by underground rhizomes to form attractive clumps. Typically found in partial shade and deep, moist, soft soils it also grows in acid soils under oaks and pines.Unusual shade fruit.  In the fruiting world of plants, shade isn't the place you would normally find edible fruit.  The fruit on Solomons Plum is small but is produced in a large quantity. Raw, cooked, or made into jellies or molasses it is rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Native Americans used this plant for numerous reasons.  

  • Food - Fruit, shoots (in spring, like asparagus), roots( starchy edible when cooked) Soak roots in alkaline water.  Make alkaline water by dissolving 2 tablespoon baking soda per gallon of water. 
  • Medicine- constipation, insanity, Made into a tincture can be used it to treat broken bones, sprains, injured tendons and ligaments, tendonitis, arthritis, dryness in joints and "slipped"/herniated discs.

Caution is advised since raw fruit can be a laxative, especially if you are not used to eating it.  Cooking removes this quality. 

How to Grow:

This seed requires a double dormancy.  Cold followed by warm followed by cold.  Place your seeds in damp peat or potting mix and put in refrigerator for 2 months.  Take out and keep in a warm area for another 60 days. Return to the refrigerator for a second 60 days then plant.  Alternatively, you can seed in pots, bury the pots up to the rim in the garden, forest, greenhouse, keep marked and weeded and expect nature to complete the double dormancy in two years time.  We are currently pre-treating seed to make this faster for you.  It is not yet available.